Privacy Policy

We adhere strictly to the code of conduct and ethics as defined by the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists.

Every consultation will be recorded including and details of the treatment given. This is strictly for use only by the therapist in order to measure progress of treatment. No details of treatments will be given to any individual without the express permission of the client first. Any requests for copies of the consultation forms must be made in writing.

On rare occasions the therapist may feel it beneficial to communicate with the clients' GP or other health professional during a treatment program or refer the client to a different practitioner; this will only be done with the clients' consent.

In some circumstances the therapist may advise that consent from a GP is required before treatment can commence. It is the client's responsibility to obtain a letter of consent from their GP.

Names, addresses and contact details may be used by Green Massage Therapy only for communications about treatments offered and special offers; it will never be given to third parties for marketing purposes.


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